We offer attractive, quality rental properties designed for a variety of lifestyles and consistently maintained to the highest standards. Our ongoing commitment is to provide exemplary service to our tenants and ensure the property will be clean, well maintained and professionally managed.

Our rental philosophy is simple: Provide worry-free rental homes that offer the highest possible standards of service, conveniently located in well maintained communities. Whether you’re looking for a short term bachelor apartment or a comfortable 2 bedroom unit Lake Huron Rentals offers a wide selection throughout Kincardine and area. Our apartments are surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens and are maintained to the highest standards by friendly, attentive management. We’re proud to offer options and amenities to meet the needs of all residents including families, seniors and those with disabilities.

We believe a good home provides the foundation upon which individuals and families thrive, children learn and grow, and communities prosper. It is our mission to provide superior living experiences to all our tenants in all price ranges and markets with the highest level of customer service, value and quality housing. If it has the Lake Huron Rentals name on it, you can be assured of exceptional levels of service and quality that are synonymous with the name.

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